What Our Clients Say About Us…

Darrow Associates proved time and time again that it offers a unique sophistication, focused strategic thinking and an impressive network of financial community contacts to support its clients. And, as well, truly understands the prime focus that must always, always be on strategic redistribution of the client’s shares as an absolute, particularly since the disappearance of the retail/boutique broker dealer.”

–Michael A. Gales
  Founding Chairman, M.A. Gales & Co., New York, NY

“Jordan was considered by me, as MPD’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer, and the rest of our management team, as a dedicated and consummate professional. His contributions included executive level consultation, expansion of our investment bank equity research coverage, and the broadening of our institutional and retail shareholder bases. We credit him with significantly adding to MPD’s valuation which resulted in a nearly 500% return for investors when MPD was acquired by LM Ericsson…I know of no one who can rival Jordan’s competency in implementing an institutionally oriented investor relations program, perseverance in achieving results for clients, and business ethics.

–Paul Donofrio
  COO and CFO of Microwave Power Devices (NASDAQ: MPDI)

“Peter understood our business, and as a result was able to introduce us to the right investors (tens in total). He arranged several day long meetings with investors in NY. Each trip to NY, was well organized and efficiently managed by Peter and included multiple meaningful meetings. In addition, Peter coordinated tens of conference calls and several conferences which he participated with us. He was always available and prompt in his response. But his contribution did not end there, Peter provided invaluable advice, coaching and feedback. He helped us prepare for meetings, conference call, earning calls and more. His personality and good nature made it also a very pleasant and constructive process.”

–Memy Ish-Shalom
  President and CEO, ViryaNet (OTCQB: VRYAF)

“I couldn’t speak more highly of Chris. After deciding what we could afford as a retainer Chris accepted and went to work. He is a complete self-starter, no need to make sure he’s working for you. Because he’s based in NYC and does this for a living he’s extremely well connected with small/micro cap investors. Chris operated seamlessly as if he was an in-house employee often working directly with the staff – scheduling conferences and road shows, writing press releases and scripts, website updates, etc. Chris gave us much more than our previous in-house person at a price we could afford.”

–David Keleher
Chief Financial Officer, Dynamics Research Corp. (NASDAQ: DRCO)

“Complimenting Jordan Darrow right after the earning release conference call, “Thank God for Jordan.”
– Christopher J. Ryan
Chief Executive Officer, Lakeland Industries (NASDAQ: LAKE)

“Gotta keep you happy…we NEED you…I NEED YOU…you have absolutely made my life so much easier and appreciate you for that.”
–Rosanne Fabricatore
Executive Assistant, Lakeland Industries (NASDAQ: LAKE)

“Darrow Associates has provided Fonar Corporation with exceptional counsel for the development and implementation of investor relations and capital markets strategies. Their dedication and senior level consultative support led to the effective execution of these strategies. Our experience with Darrow Associates proves that a boutique firm can outperform the larger IR agencies.”

–Dan Culver
Fonar Corporation (NASDAQ: FONR)

“I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we at Nu Horizons appreciated your services. You helped us with a lot of different facets of the business at some critical points, including helping introduce our new CEO, and explaining the loss of a major supplier. Your ability to get a positive message out to investors was outstanding. On the finance side, I found partnering with you to prepare and execute all of our quarterly reporting needs (earnings press release, script, etc.) was extremely valuable to me and made it an efficient process. Lastly, dealing with all of the investor calls in connection with the sale of the company was extremely helpful. I hope we can work together in the future.”

–Kurt Freudenberg
CFO, Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. (NASDAQ: NUHC)

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Chris. His industry knowledge, communication abilities, and amazing professionalism have made him a great addition to the team. (You clearly set a wonderful example!)”

–Tara Flynn Condon
VP, Corporate Marketing, API Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: ATNY) corresponding with Jordan Darrow

“Since beginning our work together in June 2011, you have consistently demonstrated professionalism and have risen to every challenge. You have made strong and lasting contributions to API Technologies and our investor relations program. On behalf of the team, I thank you for your efforts.”

–Bel Lazar
President & Chief Operating Officer, API Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: ATNY)

“You have worked tirelessly to help generate shareholder value for NEI as well as to promote the name within the investment community. This has been a tall task for a microcap stock in this market, but our volumes indicated that you were successful.”

–Gregory A. Shortell
President and Chief Executive Officer, Network Engines, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEI)

“It is such a pleasure to work with you and you add so much depth to our business…I’m thrilled to have you working with us!”

–Duane W. Albro
President and Chief Executive Officer, WVT Communications Group (NASDAQ: WWVY)

“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Jordan Darrow has been really great to work with – we run each other’s press releases past one another and he always makes great recommendations to my press releases. I just thought you should know I think he is a wonderful asset to our team.”

–Sue Krause
Director of Marketing, corresponding with Duane Albro, CEO, and David Cuthbert, COO, of WVT Communications Group (NASDAQ: WWVY)

“Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the direction that IR is going, under your leadership. In a very short time, you’ve gotten to know us pretty well and you’ve built great traction with meaningful prospects…We appreciate all that you are doing!”

–Kathryn M. JohnBull
Chief Financial Officer, DLH Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: DLHC)

What The Investment Community Says About Us…

“Having been on the research and banking sides for many years, I can tell from the way you know your clients so well that Darrow Associates is on a different level than many other IR firms.”

– Salomon Kamalodine
Investment Banker, B. Riley & Co.

“You do an amazing job, best I have seen for a small cap company.”

– Gary Moomjian
Corporate/SEC Counsel, Moomjian, Waite & Coleman, LLP

“Peter has done an exceptional job in my opinion of presenting MNTX as an outsourced IR. I feel like he is part of the company.”

– Jeffrey Bronchick
CFA, Principal, Portfolio Manager, Cove Street Capital

“Jordan: Thank you for the opportunity. You personally have been a great asset and help to Lakeland. You have provided the investment community with detailed press releases that allowed people the opportunity to understand the organization’s complicated financial reports. I am grateful to you personally and professionally. You have helped me improve my skills. I am hopeful that others will recognize your effort and hire your firm to assist them. You deserve it!”

-Doug Ruth
Analyst and Financial Advisor, Lenox Financial Services

Select Darrow Associates Client Case Studies

We work with clients from a variety of verticals in industries where we have experience and can get the results our clients are looking for. This is an abridged overview of the clients and sectors we serve, not an exhaustive list of our clients or the verticals and industries that we cover.

Case Study: Data I/O Corp (DAIO)

Part 1


  • Over a year with no meaningful IR progress despite engaging professional IR firm
  • Darrow Associates brought in at suggestion of largest shareholder
  • Deep dive on company issues: circled wagons with management and key owners
  • Developed IR program: press release strategy; collateral material; roadshow and conference schedule; investor outreach strategy
  • Program commenced 3/1/16; 3 Boston fund managers begin buying shares on/about 7/8/16

Case Study: Data I/O Corp (DAIO)

Part 2

Darrow Associates continued to increase the share prices and volume for this client. The two graphs shows this continual rise from inception of IR program (March 2016) through Mid-May 2017.

Case Study: LightPath Technologies (LPTH)

Part 1

  • Engaged for Nasdaq listing maintenance campaign with stock below $1.00
  • Program scaled back so management could focus/invest in operational issues
  • New phase of IR program implemented — combining comprehensive approach using press releases, continued outreach and conferences/NDRs
  • Urged management to seek acquisitions to supplement growth; assisted in development of M&A criteria and engaging investment bank for support

Case Study: LightPath Technologies (LPTH)

Part 2


Darrow Associates worked closely with this client through their listing maintenance program, revised IR strategies, and corporate strategy development. The IR program utilized M&A and Capital Markets Initiatives

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We work with clients from a variety of verticals in industries where we have experience and can get the results our clients are looking for. This is an overview of the historical and current clients and sectors we serve, and is not intended to represent a list of only our current client base.



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Darrow Associates is an award-winning investor relations and financial communications consultancy with team members located nationwide.

Darrow Associates is an award-winning investor relations and financial communications consultancy with team members located nationwide.